Why do you? Episode 1 – Sean Felton

Ryan and Sean’s shared experience in the healthcare field is what connected the two of them, and remains a key point in their friendship. Although both Ryan and Sean’s wife were given a grim diagnosis, taking the road less traveled has allowed them to come out the other side and remain hopeful. 
Sean’s story began eleven years ago with his wife waking up in the middle of the night with extreme abdominal pain. It was just “not like her,” Sean recalled. As they came to find out, the pain was a result of a colon rectal tumor. After talking with their doctor, they were met with two unpleasant options: go through with the undesirable prescribed treatment plan, or let the tumor take over. Their choice: neither. 

Ryan’s first guest on the all-new “Why do you?” podcast is Sean Felton, a mobile chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Sean credits his wife not only for going against the grain, but also for what she was capable of doing for herself.  After reading The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted…  Sean and his wife became compelled to switch to a plant based diet.

The couple found the three weekly trips from Wichita to Kansas City simply impractical, in the same way Ryan found the three yearly trips to Panama to be impractical. Together, Ryan and Sean strive towards shifting the narrative of healthcare from that of accepted impracticality to that of reasonable, actionable steps towards health.

The big picture? Live the best, healthiest, and happiest life you can live. Do the things you love while you have the chance. We all walk a different path, but striving to share that same mentality is crucial to our happiness.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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