connecting with families with rare diseases every step of the way

We work with families at many different stages of their journey with rare diseases. Whether they are in the very beginning stages, researching options and discovering what it is like to live with or alongside someone with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy or other rare diseases. We’ve been there and have grown with families along the way. Connecting and collaborating is our specialty when it comes to accessing stem cells as well as connecting with families experienced with stem cell therapy. We are actively working on the next steps to continuously grow our community.

advocating for a hopeful future with clinical trials

We raise awareness through educational programming, advocacy campaigns, fundraisers, presenting at conferences, and most importantly, connecting directly with families in need.

Our primary goal since the start is to launch large clinical trials to allow the same therapy Ryan was fortunate to receive to be available for thousands of others with Duchenne and other rare diseases.

be a part of our community

Donating to our non-profit will create more opportunities for families to gain access to stem cell treatments. Give hope to those suffering from rare diseases.

connecting with our Community

We connect with families frequently through social media as well as all other forms of communication. It is important to us to continue offering advice on navigating life with DMD as well as how stem cell therapy changed Ryan’s life across these platforms.

When it comes to Coming Together For a Cure outreach, Blake is the main point of contact. He is in contact with multiple families on a daily basis. Along with the new families reaching out, he stays in touch with families every day to check in on children and parents alike that he has helped by sharing resources on research and stem cell clinics, while also connecting them with others they can relate to and learn from.


Partners who make a difference

Dr. Riordan and his team were alongside Ryan throughout his entire treatment journey. We are proud to continue working together with Dr. Riordan and his team with a shared mission and common goal of changing lives. Whether that be to educate the community on stem cell therapy or collaborate on launching clinical trials, we are making a difference together.

CTFAC Partners