Fundraise for CTFAC

Reasons to fundraise

  • CELEBRATIONS Sometimes the best birthday gift is giving back to a good cause!
  • IN MEMORY Keep your loved one’s legacy alive by supporting the advancement of improved outcomes for others with rare diseases.
  • IT CAN BE FUN! Make a competition between co-workers or friends to see who can raise the most funds!
  • JUST BECAUSE Sometimes it just feels good to give back!

Breaking it down

We’re committed to supporting the advancement of adult stem cell research and therapy. When you fundraise for Coming Together for a Cure, you help fund continued research and an upcoming clinical trial!

Step 1:

Create a Facebook Fundraising Link

Step 2:

Search “Coming Together for a Cure”

Step 3:

Select CTFAC and fill in the details you prefer

Too busy to fundraise? Donate today!